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Canaday Ranches is offering elite embryos for sale. We are excited to offer these high EPD embryos that are from a proven AI Sire - VAR Discovery 2240 and the Dam TEX Lucy 3712 .

VAR Discovery2240 's progeny have been highly sought after in sales throughout the United States. He is a rare genetic package with moderate birth weight, extreme growth, and elite carcass traits. His Zoetis 50K profile ranked him in the top 10% for CED, BW, WW, YW, DOC, CEM, MILK and CW. He was the lead off and high selling bull of the 2013 Vintage Angus Ranch Bull Sale, CA.

TEX Lucy 3712 comes from a long line of impressive dams with a bloodline linked to BPF Special Focus 504 (his daughters set him apart from the crowd - they are deep bodied and easy fleshing with fault free structure and udder quality). TEX Lucy 3712 offers a balanced EPD profile that ranks in the top 5% of $B Value and in the top 10% for WW and YW values.

Canaday Ranches is building one of the most impressive embryo inventories in the country. These embryos will enhance any seedstock operation and will have a positive impact on your program.

V A R Discovery 2240
TEX Lucy 3712

Jim and Dee Canaday

Ranches in Bakersfield, CA
and Twin Oaks, CA
Jim - 661-205-3350
Dee - 661-201-3913

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